supStand Up Paddling – we show you how your own standing on larger bodies of water and mild rivers can go :

At approximately four-hour introductory course , we bring you the basic techniques of stand- up paddling in – the correct handling and carrying of the boards of the various paddle strokes to tight turns bringing many games and equilibrium training quick success .

If that is not enough , booked the 2 – day course : On the first day we drive about 2 hours at the lake , where you learn the basics and then gets more theoretical . On the second day we spend about 5 hours on the lower Salza , we race from Saggraben to the mouth of the Enns . Here the acquired knowledge is practiced , while the board is faced with light currents . Of course, the basic features of safety at Whitewater may not be missing here.

SUP – Trying out

In these foiur hours we would like to teach you the basic techniques to use a Stand-Up-Paddling-board. From the right handling and carrying of the ... more

SUP – 2-day course

The main goal is to learn the basics about Stand-Up-Paddeling, so that our SUP-fans are able to go on lakes, seas and light white water ... more

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