For the upcoming season we can already offer several kajak camps. The start will be Soca in Slovenia in april when we move to Camp Lazar for three days.
All the other dates are still in progress but we are thinking of definitely at least one more Soca Camp, one Corinthia/east-tyrol camp and one trip to France.
All the dates and their detailed describtion can be found on our homepage later in the year.
All our camps are either accompanied by Wolf or Bani (KajakCenter Faak).

On our other travel program is working constantly! Please visit us again soon on the homepage!

Socá Vacationcamp

From July 6th until August 24th you’ve got the change (for the first time) to start a three-day course on the Socá in Slovenia. Meeting ... more

Seakajaktouring in Croatia

Duration: Friday noon til Sunday evening Friday: Meeting, overview of route and timeplan; overall introduction, materialcheck and handing out, meal/snack check, arrival at Rovinj and ... more

Kajakcamp Corsica

Corsica is a dream for all Kajak-lovers in spring. At a time when there is still winter in Austria you can already smell the summer ... more

Kajakcamp Greece

The wild white water rivers in Greece are told to belong tot he most beautiful rivers in Europe. The landscape we enter and pass are ... more

Socá Camp

We move our camp to Slovenia at the beautiful Soca. You will have the possibility to go Canoeing or Kajaking for only €60,- per day ... more

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