Canyoning Trips for Cracks

Our canyoning trips in the Level III have something that already have for wily professionals or for people canyoning experience.
A very good physical condition is indispensable due to the total length of the canyoning tours of up to 7 hours!
Sure-footedness and freedom are required!
Abseilhöhen up to and over 50 m!
For your safety, we require at Canyoning Level III evidence that you have already completed a tour Canyoning Level II!

Yes deterred out of this introduction: However! It pays to his body to’stählen’ a little and to complete a IIer tour before! – The absolute cream cuts the canyoning area, we see the Level III!

So, who snaps the rusts! On the Canyoning Tour Level III!

Canyoning Bruckgraben

The Bruckgraben one of our two Level III canyoning tours, but not only in sport but also in landscape point! Athletic starts definitely been the ... more

Canyoning High Flight

One of the most difficult canyoning us, with all the passages of classical canyoning. Conditionally one must be very fit for this tour already and ... more

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