Canyoning Beginner Tour

canyoning_smOur canyoning beginners tours are just the thing for those who want to relive the fascination canyoning. All elements of the classic canyoning are included and the tours are quite feasible for both small and as well as for larger’Kinder’. Need even good, ankle-high footwear and bathing suits. The rest of the equipment, please contact us.

2 days adventure “all inclusive”

The perfect offer for actionlovers! Experience 2 unforgettable days in Wildalpen with action, fun and nature! After your arrival at our camp around 10 o’clock ... more

Canyoning “seven dwarfs”

Small but fine, that is probably the best Charateristik, you can assign this canyoning tour. The beginning of this canyoning tour makes a 5 m ... more

Canyoning Superfun

Superfun is perfect for beginners and families geegnete Canyoning Tour. The access is relatively short (go on slow one is about 20 minutes at the ... more

Canyoning Erbsattel

The canyoning tour on Erbsattel is one of the most beautiful alpine tours in our region. The access to the canyon is relatively short, only ... more

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